Walking School Bus

What is a Walking School Bus?

A Walking School Bus™ is a group of primary school children who walk to and from school along a safe and enjoyable set route, accompanied by a minimum of two parent driver/supervisors per ‘bus’. It is a parent driven and run activity supported by the school. One parent ‘drives’ at the front of the bus, while the other parent supervises at the rear. Additional parents may be needed depending on the local requirements. The walking bus picks up ‘passengers’ along the way at designated ‘bus stops’.

The ‘bus stops’ can be meeting points along the route or at homes of the Walking School Bus™ participants. It can be flexible to suit the needs of families using it. The ‘bus’ can go as seldom or as often as parents want to ‘drive’ it and children want to use it.

When is the Walking School Bus run?

The Dalkeith Primary School ‘bus’ operates one day per week on Tuesday mornings from 8am on the red route only at this stage. More parent volunteers and interest is needed to get the blue and green routes running.

Who can join the Walking School Buses?

The Walking School Buses are open to all students, however PP and Year 1 students must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver. Of course if you have children who are older than this, you are still very welcome to accompany them on the route. Please note that prams/strollers are fine, but no scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, bikes or dogs.

Consent forms

All families must provide the parent on duty with a DPS Walking Bus – Parent Consent Form the first time their child/children walk on the bus (the consent forms allow for all children in a family to be listed – ie you only need to complete one consent form per family).  A decision to send your child on the Walking School Bus is ultimately undertaken at your own risk.  It is therefore important to exercise your judgment on the question of whether your child is able to manage themselves in a sensible manner whilst participating in the Walking School Bus.

Bus stops

We have identified meeting points (“bus stops”) along each route for parents to wait with their children. The times at which the walking buses will arrive at each of these stops are our best estimate.    It is imperative that parents wait with their children at the bus stop so that there is a handover – ie please do not leave your children unattended. The route maps can be found here: Walking School Bus maps.


Apart from the obvious enjoyment of walking and getting to know others in your area, Dalkeith Primary has agreed to give a Hoorrrah! to each child, each time they join the bus which will put them in the draw for a faction point.

Volunteering to help drive a Walking School Bus

Many thanks to those parents who are volunteering their time to drive the buses, we are very appreciative. If you would like to volunteer to be a bus driver, please indicate your interest on the consent form.  We are always looking for volunteers for the roster!