Uniform Order Form


The P&C Association and the School Board support the school’s Dress Code that states each child, Pre-primary to Year 6, wears the full school uniform. Parental support for the wearing of uniforms has always been very positive at Dalkeith Primary School.

It is expected that students will wear their school uniform when representing the school on excursions and at performances.

To assist parents a sub committee of the P&C operates a uniform shop located at the school which is open alternate Wednesdays (even weeks) 8:15am to 9:00am.

This shop sells new and second hand uniforms.

*PLEASE NOTE: Formal black shoes and/or ALL black sneakers is now acceptable (no flouro)


SUMMER Terms 1 and 4
Garnet polo shirt with school emblem

*Black shoes and white sports socks or blue sandals

School hat with emblem

School fleecy zip jumper with emblem
School chequered cotton dress

White short sleeve blouse

Grey Shorts
WINTER Terms 2 and 3
Garnet polo shirt with emblem

School fleecy zip jumper with emblem

Grey shorts

*Black shoes and white socks OR navy tights

School hat with emblem

Tartan school pinafore OR skirt

White short sleeve blouse

Fleecy track pant (size 4-8)

Teslon track pant (size 8-16)

SPORT: Yrs PP-3 Wed & Fri, Yrs 4-6 Thurs & Fri
White polo shirt with emblem

House polo shirt (Friday only)

Garnet shorts OR

Track pants (term 2&3)

White school sports socks

*Black Sneakers (no flouro)

School hat with emblem
Grey shorts, garnet polo shirt, white sports socks, *black shoes.


School tartan skirt, white blouse, white socks, *black shoes.