The Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Specialist teacher, Janice Tesser engages all students Pre-primary to year 6 in the program for 60 minutes per week which encompasses art skills and techniques, history and place in society. Art is celebrated with audiences in the gallery, found in the administration area and an Artist of the Month. Biannually the P&C holds an Art auction.


Term 4 each year, students are taught various dance techniques that culminate in a year end concert for whole school and family members to enjoy.

Specialist Music

All students from Pre-primary to year 6 participate in weekly classroom music lessons. Students are taught from the Australian Curriculum for Music. Strands include: Making and Responding.

Orchestra Year 4-6 Orchestra rehearses on Wednesday mornings from 7.45-8.45am.
Senior Choir Year 5-6 Choir is embedded into weekly classroom music lessons and is compulsory for all students in year 5-6. The aim is to sing in unison and in 2 and 3 part harmony.
Junior Choir Year 3-4 Choir is embedded into weekly classroom music lessons and is compulsory for all students in year 3-4. The aim is to develop unison singing and beginning exploring harmony.
Year 2 Choir Choir is embedded into weekly classroom music lessons and is compulsory for all students in year 2. The aim of year 2 choir is to develop unison singing.

SIMs Music

Learning an instrument at Dalkeith: The SIM Program
The School of Instrumental Music (SIM) runs the instrumental program at Dalkeith Primary School. This is an external school that provides free instrumental lessons to selected students in over 400 primary and secondary schools across Western Australia. At Dalkeith we currently offer tuition in violin, cello, flute, brass and double bass.

Intake Years and Places

Our intake positions for 2018 are as follows:

Year 3                   Violin (8 places divided into two classes)

Year 4                   Cello (3 places)

Year 5                   Flute (5 places) and Brass (5 places)

Year 6                   Double Bass (2 places)

Selection for places in the SIM program is currently underway. Places in the SIM program are limited and students are selected based on:

  • Results of a musical aptitude test
  • Interest in learning an instrument
  • Physical suitability to play an instrument
  • Musical ability demonstrated in class
  • Ability to catch up on missed class work
  • Parent commitment and support

Expectations of the program

The SIM program is a fantastic opportunity for students who are able to commit themselves to developing their skills in playing a musical instrument.

  • Spaces in the program are limited, and many students who would like to learn one of the instruments unfortunately miss out. Once a student accepts a place it is expected that they remain in the program until they leave Dalkeith Primary School.
  •  Lessons occur during class time depending on the instrumental teacher’s schedule. Some instrumental teachers at Dalkeith are co-ordinating over ten schools. Therefore, it is not possible to arrange instrumental lessons around other school subjects.
  • Students will be required to do additional practise outside their lesson time, which will be set by the individual instrumental teacher. SIM lessons are group lessons and it is important that all students commit to practising, as it will impact other students if they do not.
  • Students may only learn one instrument in the SIM program. For example if a student accepts an offer in year three for violin, they are not allowed to change to another instrument in year 4 or 6.

Hiring/ buying instruments

Students learning the violin are required to supply their own instrument from the start of the program.

Students learning the cello, flute, trumpet, trombone or double bass will be able to hire an instrument in their first year of tuition. (Two years of hire is available for cello students). This is for a fee of $110 paid to the Dalkeith front office.

More information can be located on the SIM website:

An end of year performance is conducted on the expansive school verandah enabling parents to marvel at their children’s progress and talent.

SIM Teachers
Violin: Leanne Treen
Cello: Joanne Bell
Brass: Lindsay Timms
Flute: Natalie Dixon
Double Bass: Ebony Lim


The Dalkeith Primary School students have the privilege of performing in two events annually.
The choir students participate in the West Australian Government Schools Music Society’s (WAGSMS) Concert held at the Crown Theatre and the Orchestra performs in the WA School’s Orchestra Festival held at Churchlands Senior High School.

School productions are performed bi-annually giving students an opportunity to showcase their talents.