Thank you

A big thanks to parents from the staff

Dear Parents

On behalf of the staff I would like to thank you for your emails and messages of support and care for the staff. It has lifted spirits and has been greatly appreciated.

To the parents who have contributed and organised coffees and snacks for morning tea for the staff – wow – this was such a kind and caring act.

Dalkeith PS teachers have been working together to get ready for remote learning. We will be giving you information before Term 2 about what it will look like for DPS students.

When this happens be kind to yourself and other parents. Some will be working from home and super busy while supervising children. Past generations have experienced this before and the children have bounded back when all goes to normal. Children will be learning different things at home. Don’t compare what your child is doing at home to others or start feeling inadequate. It is not business as normal. Having your family healthy, happy and feeling connected is what’s important.

Take care

Felicity Dear AM