Our Teachers

Year/Class RoomStaffEducation Assistant
Kindy RedMs Marie Tiley (Mon, Wed, Fri)Mrs Billie Chellew
Ms Sonja Rubio
Kindy Blue Mrs Celeste Cunningham (Tues, Thurs, Fri)Ms Sonja Rubio
Pre-Primary 1Miss Brylie Sanders
Ms Janet Wearne (Wed)
Ms Melaine Roberts
Pre-Primary 2Mr Peter McSkimming
Ms Janet Wearne (Wed)
Mrs Rhoda Napier
Year 1 - Room 1Ms Aoife McCabeMrs Dani Wright
Year 1 - Room 2Mrs Leanne IkinMiss Stacey Bryce
Mrs Eliz Harris
Year 2 - Room 3Mrs Toni Kay
Year 2 - Room 5Miss Mikayla Snow
Year 3 - Room 6Mrs Lynda Messom (Mon-Wed)
Mrs Libby Dyde (Thus-Fri)
Year 3 - Room 7Mrs Jess Vahala (Mon-Wed)
Miss Candice Wholohan (Thurs-Fri)
Mrs Lynne Holliday

Year 3/4 -Room 12Miss Shauni RedmondMrs Eliz Harris
Year 4 - Room 13Mrs Nadine JacksonMiss Karen Pollard (Tue-Thur)
Miss Stacey Bryce
Year 5 - Room 11Mr Aaron Boules
Year 5/6 - Room 10Mrs Kellie Prosser
Year 6 - Room 8Ms Lisa Iannello
Ms Nicole Hughes (Thurs)
MiniLitMrs Shanee Sekhon (Mon-Thurs am)
ArtMrs Janice Tesser (Mon – Wed)
MusicMrs Brooke O'Connor (Wed – Fri)
Physical EducationMr Les Thompson (Thurs – Fri)
Language - JapaneseMs Lois Barndon (Wed – Fri)
ScienceMrs Brooke O'Connor (3-6) (Mon – Tues)
Ms Sarah Fiel (PP-2) (Wed – Thurs)
LibraryMrs Jane Zupp (Mon-Wed)
Learning SupportMrs Lynn Bright (Mon-Wed)Mrs Michelle Marshall (Mon-Fri)

We work best when we...

Understand the school’s direction:

Participate in whole school decision making processes
Engage in data analysis
Network with colleagues
Prepare programs and initiatives in a timely manner
Follow through with school processes
Give and receive valuable feedback
Use initiative
Are given realistic timelines
Have input, ownership and a sound knowledge of the content of the school’s operational plans:

Have access to a range of supporting resources
Support and are supported by colleagues with ideas, strategies and resources
Have a framework to follow for the implementation of programs
Establish a cooperative learning environment:

Teach and reflect on social skills
Use a wide repertoire of cooperative skills
Use cooperative learning strategies:

Implement new ideas
Have a positive and supportive working environment:

Be happy and healthy
Be flexible
Be cooperative
Have a good work/life balance
Demonstrate and uphold the virtue of respect
Meet personal timelines
Have large blocks of time to plan