About Dalkeith PS

Dalkeith Primary School was established in 1938. The school has approximately 340 students and is located on an attractive, well-developed and maintained site in the suburb of Dalkeith, approximately 8 km from the Perth CBD.

In 2023, Dalkeith Primary School celebrated over 85 years of excellence in primary school education. At Dalkeith, we celebrate our proud history and reputation for excellence as an Independent Public School.

As an Independent Public school, a School Board made up of parents, school staff and members of the community governs Dalkeith Primary. This ensures the school has greater autonomy and flexibility in making decisions locally and in response to the educational needs of our students.

Dalkeith Primary School is a dynamic learning community where teachers and parents work collaboratively through a shared vision, to assist students to achieve and exceed their potential. With an increasingly diverse student population, an extended family environment is fostered where emphasis is placed upon open and effective communication, respectful attitudes and success for everyone.

Dalkeith Primary School has a culturally diverse student population and provides a supportive learning environment in which the teaching and learning process can thrive. Our clear vision, explicit teaching of virtues and shared leadership engages all stakeholders in the education process. The learning program targets the needs of students, inclusive of abilities and interests and students are offered an extensive range of whole school programs.

To progress our school as an exemplary public school, staff demonstrate their professionalism by openly collaborating, sharing individual expertise and best practice initiatives to achieve the best possible outcomes for all students.

Through participation in performance management, professional learning and further study, teachers are supported to refine skills, expertise and seek a deep understanding of current curriculum initiatives. This includes the Early Years Learning Framework and the Western Australian Curriculum. The expertise and professionalism of staff, both teaching and non teaching, has been recognised at network, region and state levels.


 Dalkeith Primary School continues to enjoy success in both the academic, physical and arts arenas. This is indicated by the number of academic scholarships to secondary schools won by students, as well as consistently above average results in external assessments. Awards in the performing arts and in a range of sports, along with widespread acclaim for the school musical production ensure the inclusive school environment offers something special for each student.

To progress our school as an exemplary public school, staff demonstrate their professionalism by openly collaborating, sharing individual expertise and best practice initiatives to achieve the best possible outcomes for all students.


Dalkeith Primary School embedded many of the amazing initiatives and strategies that were part of our 2015-2017 Business Plan this year. The staff and students have engaged learning that have led to some incredible outcomes for our school. Until the 1930’s Dalkeith was still largely bushland, with very few houses.
However, the situation had begun to change as services to the area were improved and more land at very attractive prices was made available for residential development. Young families were moving into the suburb and as the number of children in the area grew, so too did the need for a local school to relieve some of the pressure on the Claremont and Nedlands Primary Schools. The new school with 36 children enrolled, was officially opened on 7 June 1938.

The original brick and tile building, which has since had several additions, was designed to accommodate up to 100 pupils. It had just two classrooms and a verandah. By the end of the first year, the number of pupils had risen to 59.

The school began as a Junior Infants, with classes designated Infants, Standard One and Standard Two (the equivalent of today’s Year Three). When the school year began in 1945, there were more than 150 children on the roll and a ‘rural’ school had been established.

Another classroom had been added and approval was given soon afterwards for two extra classrooms, teachers’ room, store room and main entrance alterations, as well as some additional shelter sheds.

A public address system, the result of yet another fund raising effort by the P&C was installed in 1949, along with a new sandpit for the playground, a cricket pitch and for the school office – a telephone. Standard III was introduced in 1950 and Standard IV the following year.

By 1953 enrolments were approaching 300, and the need for further expansion of facilities was becoming apparent. In 1970 the P&C decided to go ahead with a plan to build a pool in the school grounds.

The Dalkeith Pool, dedicated to the fallen of World War Two, was opened by Sir Charles Court on 17 February 1971. In 1988, enrolments were around the 270 mark, making the school much smaller than it was at its peak of 474 in 1977. However, the vitality of the school, the range of special programmes and projects, and the achievements in academic, sporting and artistic area were still much in evidence.