From the Principal

At Dalkeith Primary School we celebrate our proud history and reputation for excellence as an Independent Public School.  

Dalkeith Primary School is a dynamic learning community where stakeholders work collaboratively through a shared mission statement to provide an exemplary environment where children can achieve their personal excellence.

With an increasingly diverse student population, a real family atmosphere can be found within our grounds and every morning on our beautiful verandah.


Dalkeith Primary School provides a supportive and well structured environment in which the teaching and learning process thrives. A clear mission statement, explicit teaching strategies and shared leadership drive the education and pedagogy at Dalkeith. In addition, the wide range of specialist programs offered at Dalkeith offers students a full curriculum, inclusive of their individual abilities and interests. A focus on cooperative learning further develops responsible and resilient learners and promotes a culture of leadership and a sense of belonging.

Dalkeith Primary School is a high achieving school with a dedicated and highly skilled staff that are focused on the whole child. Our success is a result of the combined vibrant energies and contributions of students, staff, parents and community and is a tribute to the fact that Dalkeith is an exemplary public school and a school where we can always be celebrating success!