A well-rounded and comprehensive program is available at Dalkeith Primary School.  In addition to the core curriculum subjects, we offer specialist programs in Art, Music, Physical Education, Science and Japanese.  

Our expert specialist teachers deliver exciting and rich programs to all students from Pre-Primary to year 6.  Our students take part in school and external competitions and events that showcase their skills in musical performances, art exhibitions, sports carnivals and science/STEM expos.


Art classes are taught by a specialist teacher in the school’s art room. A wide range of creative activities compliment the curriculum. The results of this program can be seen on display in the library, on the verandah, and in administration. In conjunction with the P&C, a biannual art auction is held.


In accordance with the Department of Education’s policy, a second language is taught to all children from years 1-6. The school provides 60 minutes a week instruction in Japanese by a specialist teacher. Students are exposed to reading, writing, and speaking activities.


Pre-primary to year 6 students at Dalkeith Primary school participate in music instruction by a specialist teacher. The program is aimed at developing music appreciation and skills for active participation in music making. The school endeavors to include music in significant occasions on the school calendar. Students have numerous opportunities to perform in the wider community and to hear other performers.

Physical Education

PP-Year 6 students participate in weekly physical education lessons with a specialist teacher. Students focus on the acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies to enable students to confidently, competently and creatively participate in a range of physical activities in various contexts and settings.


Students at Dalkeith Primary school are taught science by a specialist teacher. We have a dedicated science room that students in PP-year 6 access for this subject. All content in science comes directly from the Western Australian curriculum. The aim of the science program is for our students to develop an interests in science as it expands students’ curiosity and their willingness to explore, ask questions, and speculate on the changing world in which they live.