PEAC is an integral part of education for the academically talented in WA primary schools. It provides an opportunity for talented children in specific areas to come together with their peers.

PEAC programs cater for primary school students from years 5-6 who display talents in subjects and particular topics.

Children attend PEAC classes at various centres once a week to undertake extension learning activities. Year 4 students are tested during term two each year and these results are used as one source of information about a child’s ability to perform at PEAC.

Parents whose children are nominated for PEAC courses receive notification of course outlines and a student nomination form on which they indicted their course choices in preferential order. These are returned to school and processed and forwarded to district PEAC organisers for final selection. Parents are then notified of their children’s course details.

Extension programs and activities for PP-Year 4 students are provided by the school as the opportunities become available. These include GATEWAYS online programs and entry into competitions.