Digital Technologies 

“To participate in a knowledge-based  economy and to be empowered within a  technologically sophisticated society now  and into the future, students need the  knowledge, skills and confidence to make  ICT work for them at school, at home, at  work and in their communities.”

Australia Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting  Authority

At Dalkeith, ICT is an integrated part of students learning. Digital technologies enhances the teaching and learning environment and prepares students for the world in which they live.

The school is well resources in digital technologies. Our K-2 classes have an allocation of approximately 1 iPad for every 2 students. These devices are used to support learning programs, being mindful with recommended screen time.

All students in years 3-6 have access to their own iPad. Since 2022 the school has asked parents of Year 3 students and any new year 4-6 students to lease an iPad from the school. This has proved a very successful model for the iPad program. The leasing charge for the iPad is included in the annual contributions and charges. The school manages all digital devices, programs, and applications. 

Each classroom has a screen or interactive panel along with Apple TVs. Our philosophy is to embed technology into the curriculum so that it becomes a natural and integral part of students’ learning experiences. 

Cyber  safety education is vital  to help students develop social and ethical skills for navigating the online world safely and productively. Dalkeith PS works in partnership with DigiSocial who provide a cyber safety program for students and parents to teach online safety, learn digital citizenship, and develop students digital wellbeing.