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At DPS, everything we do is about preparing students to be confident and well equipped to move forward into the 21st Century.

Staff at DPS are highly skilled, excellent practitioners who are totally invested in making a difference. Alongside them, we have a strong and supportive community, who care deeply about the school and their child’s education.

At DPS, we inspire young children to wonder about their world.

Our early years learning environments provoke young minds – they are vibrant, curious and inviting.

We believe the early years are the essential building blocks to developing children who love to learn, and be active, caring members of society.


At Dalkeith Primary School… Teachers provide educational excellence through challenging and innovative learning experiences, which are individualised and contextual to the development of the whole child.


At Dalkeith Primary School… We nurture and celebrate the ‘Dalkeithian’ spirit in a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment where all stakeholders have a sense of belonging and feel valued and supported. Our programs address student behaviour, wellbeing and support for those at educational risk.

Relationships & Partnerships

At Dalkeith Primary School… Our students feel safe, supported and connected. Past and current students and families frequently express their love of our school. DPS lies at the heart of the Dalkeith community as a school of choice for many.

"Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I learn, Involve me and I remember"

Benjamin Fraklin

Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I learn, Involve me and I remember

Benjamin Fraklin